The Story of Literacy vs Education In India.

The Story of Literacy vs Education In India

The Story of Literacy vs Education In India. The word Literacy and Education are not synonymous with each other. They are two different concepts. A literate person might not be educated and vice versa. Education is a wider concept. Literacy is indirectly connected to education.

LITERACY is “an ability to read and write.” Whereas EDUCATION is the process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

Right from our childhood, we are been taught to read, write, to understand. No doubt, we are literate. For being educated, our understanding, ability, our application of ideas, our thoughts, should be in an appropriate direction.

Earlier, schools we’re not compulsory so literacy was uncommon. Now every child is sent to school and now literacy is one of the important components.

In ancient times, schools and literacy, we’re uncommon but the concept of education is very old. Education is the application of knowledge, skills, and abilities in the right direction at the right time.

Literacy might make you feel Superior or you might be at a higher position making money and living your life to the fullest .but if you are not educated you will be not valued in society. An educated person is valued in society even after his learning is forgotten.

At the present time, people are more literate then educated. Everyone is running in the race of being literate from well-known schools and colleges. So that they can make money and get higher stances.

Educational institutions can make people literate but not educated .education change a person as whole.

The true meaning of education is the application of your learning. knowing how to apply the knowledge you received in your daily life. To respect others, to help others.

There was an article in the Hindu, a  boy asked her mother looking at the farmers harvesting wheat, Mamma, what they are doing? Her mother told her they are harvesting wheat so that they can get flour .he then asked why they didn’t go to the supermarket and buy flour.??

This clear emphasis on how we are lacking the application of knowledge in our daily life makes us think about the need for education.

One can also be educated, without being literate. What matters is “awareness”.Awareness comes through knowledge. If one is educated, he need not have to prove his literacy. Literacy teaches us “how” to read and write and education teaches us “what” to read and write.  Experience is our teacher which makes us educated in a real sense, no matter how much we are literate.

India, day by day increases in its literacy rate But, is there also the growth in education?? Unfortunately NO.

Therefore literacy and education both are important components. and be educated as well as literate because education is forever but literacy is just on a piece of paper. Choose quality over quantity A literate person abusing his powers and disrespecting others, doing corruption, making frauds is better than an educated literate.

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