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Lex Assisto stands as an autonomous and interactive platform, dedicated to streamlining the intricacies of the legal process while providing individuals with unparalleled assistance. Our overarching mission revolves around redefining the legal journey by offering services of paramount quality, marked by cost-efficiency and on-demand accessibility to cater to diverse needs.

At Lex Assisto, our collective endeavor is to actively propagate legal awareness, extend legal education, and disseminate legal information on a global scale. This concerted effort is poised to serve as a potent instrument for the advancement of the greater public good, while concurrently facilitating legal assistance to those in need.

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By providing more than thousands of legal opinion, advice & assistance to our clients has been a landmark success.

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Beyond The Billable Hour

At Lex Assisto, our conviction lies in an entrepreneurial legal services business model that operates beyond the constraints of the billable hour-based approach.

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Drawing upon the expertise and insights of our team, we adeptly offer clients the level of attention and dedication that aligns with their rightful expectations. Our unwavering aim is to adopt a value-centric methodology for every case, achieved through comprehensive client engagement and meticulous strategizing to fulfill their distinct requirements and objectives.

Client Focused Solution and Results

Centered on addressing the discerning requirements of our clients, our firm is committed to delivering an unparalleled legal service model characterized by its intrinsic value. In every instance of representation, our team maintains an unwavering focus on achieving the envisioned outcomes. A meticulously crafted system emphasizing client service underscores our approach, one meticulously tailored to ensure synergy between our culture, structure, and processes, all converging toward a singular objective – the fulfillment of CLIENT SATISFACTION.

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​I will highly recommend Lex Assisto for all the documentation work and registration of NGO's and other business-related work, the had given their quality support and speed. And all this comes at an economical price.
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Agarwal
Managing Director, JC Groups
​Many Thanks to the team of Lex Assisto in sourcing a completely different legal executive for our venture. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and we really appreciate everything you have done for us in order to find the right platform.
Dr. Alok Nath Srivastava
DGM-Global Technologies
​I had availed legal services. I would say I had the best experience of legal services. Great team, I have ever seen. Especially their price structure and dedication.
Mr. Shubham Kumar
Sales Executive-TATA
I would strongly recommend Lex Assisto for anybody that has the need of any assistance related to research & drafting! I have been doing business with them for approximately 8 months and have been extremely satisfied!
Adv. Asha Gupta
Advocate, Lucknow Bench High Court