June 9, 2018

About Us

Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus

(Not for ourselves alone are we born)

The purpose of one’s life must not only to be happy, in fact it is to be useful, to be compassionate and to be make some difference in others life only then we have lived and lived well. You have not lived today until we have done something for someone who can never repay you.

Lex Assisto is an independent and interactive platform where we simplify the legal process and assist people in the finest and most effective manner. Our vision is to make legal experience unique by rendering services of high quality, cost- effective and on demand for every need.

We the people of Lex Assisto are actively involved in spreading legal awareness, legal education and legal information all across the globe which will be used as a tool for advancement of public good and legal assistance. We are a technology driven platform aiming to promote a rule of law and social justice across the nation by providing free legal aid and legal assistance to the underprivileged and needy people.

We put our clients first and work masterly in providing them with the finest legal assistance.

Not in numbers but in unity our great strength lies.