Digitalization of Modern Education in India

Digitalization of Modern Education in India

Digitalization of Modern Education in India. The revolution of digitalization has changed the way people think, behave, communicate, earn their livelihood. The digital revolution is the new wave all around the world and India is one of the parts. The digital revolution is sometimes also called THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.  The digitalization is the beginning of the Information Era.


The term coined by USA visionary, Buckminster Fuller. According to him, technological advancement will one day lead to “more and more with less and less until eventually, you can do everything with nothing.”  This is something we all have experienced if we look at the past the first computers were a room big and now look into your pockets using phones, laptops, etc. These are the complete examples of ephemeralization. Now our phones have all the same and much more features than before.


In the era of digitalization all around how can the education sector be behind? The world is moving towards digitalization India has to keep pace with it.

INTERNET is one of the fundamental ideas of the development and advancement of digital technologies. And the internet has become a major source of education now. Apps like BYJUS, UNACADMENY, TOPPR, BRAINER, GRADE UP, etc are now some major sources for students.

Individual students are now provided course materials and assignments to work through on their own which is known as distant learning. This provides great help to students who are unable to go to college or coachings.

FLIPPED CLASSROOMS: Instead of lectures in class and class assignments and homework at home, the classes are now flipped so that students can watch or listen to lectures at home and do assignments and homework in school.

  • Online education has made learning more interactive and effective.
  • Reduced tuition increases accessibility to poorer individuals and communities.
  • Provide different ways of learning and application of it into your practical life.
  • Increases personalization of education, customization courses to individuals learning needs and style.

It costs the school less and should therefore either reduce student costs or increase educational views.


Though digitalization has many advantages in the field of education. but due to digital availability of all kinds, the dependency on online resources has been drastically increased. the book reading habits among the students has totally vanished. Excessive use of the internet and social networking sites are distracting students. most of the time they are now wasting in scrolling newsfeeds, memes, status.


The present education system is considered to be in the Digitalized era. This digitalization helps the education system on many fronts; teaching, learning, evaluation, research, and publications. The locations of educational institutes and the sources of knowledge have become immaterial due to the internet facilities and online resources. The time of teaching-learning has no more importance in the digitalized era. But at the same time, the emotional intelligence amongst the teachers and students has deemed to such an extent that the dignity of student-teacher relationships is lost.

Therefore, many stakeholders of the education system have expressed their views that digitalization. It has many advantages in the system but the importance of traditional methods of teaching. The teaching skills of the teachers and the values learned in the Schools and Colleges cannot be replaced. If the current era is considered to be the digitalized era.

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