The Legal Research Intern will be intensely working with the expert team who will be working out to make some of the effective programs, initiatives and other literary projects by which the vision of NALAD can be achieved. The intern will be also working with the editorial board in which the intern has to write some articles on the current scenario of legal aid related to different matters of law i.e. dowry, rape cases, child sexual abuse, harassment, prisoners right, juvenile justice and many other laws. If you are looking forward to research with our team of advocates, academicians, subject experts and other professionals in their field on different subject areas of law. 

Kindly, send your CV along with a Cover Letter followed by a Write-Up in which you need to write ‘How Can You Make Legal Aid Effective In Practical Life for Law Students from 1st Year?‘ in maximum 300 words at with the Subject: ‘Research Intern-NALAD’.