Education And The Change It Needs

There is a difference between being educated and acting educated. Does education mean holding numbers of degrees? we think, to go to school and colleges make us educated. NO education is not all about degrees or schools or colleges. You are educated when you successfully apply what you have learned .for example, we know plastics are one of the major causes of pollution and we should avoid the use of plastic and when we successfully apply this knowledge in our life then we are educated in real sense.

We all are in different fields of life some are into sports, photography, acting, doctors, but everybody is going through the same process of testing. Is it fair?  NO. It is not fair for any one of us. This is what needs to be changed. The system of education failed when we are unable to apply what we have learned or known.

Process of education in our System

  •  LEARNING- Everyone has to learn every day, learning is a continuous process of life.everyone should learn and read something daily this enhances your knowledge.
  • PASSION- learning helps to know your passion in which field you are interested. leaning gives you a lot of ideas and interest and you need to find out your passion among them.
  • EDUCATION- when you know your passion you are curious to know more about it so you start gathering knowledge about it. This makes you educated about that particular passion.
  • APPLICATION- application is one of the most important step as you get educated about something you need to apply it successfully then only there is worth being educated.
  • SUCCESS- application of education leads to success in your life.

but, nowadays education is all about marks, and degrees. no one follows the correct process of learning.success is all about marks. The more marks you score the more intelligent you are.



Focus on skill-based education

“Give a man a fish and you feed him one day, teach him how to catch fishes and you feed him for a lifetime.”  I believe that if you teach a man a skill, you enable him for a lifetime. Knowledge is largely forgotten after the semester exam is over. This is one of the fundamental flaws of our education system.

Re-define the purpose of the education system

We may have the most number of engineering graduates in the world, but that certainly has not translated into much technological innovation here. Rather, we are busy running the call centres of the rest of the world – that is where our engineering skills end.

The goal of our new education system should be to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers, and writers who can establish the foundation of a knowledge-based economy rather than the low-quality service provider nation that we are turning into.


Learning is a continuous and first step of being educated. learning starts from self, home, school, keep learning and find out your passion , goal and learn about it and start educating about your passion .this process will make you educated. and make you successful in life.





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