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All You Need To Know About Sex Education In India

All You Need To Know About Sex Education In India. “SEX ” you read it right I had written sex. Some must be uncomfortable reading this or some must be angry about what I have written. For sure youngster would be curious to know more about it.

Ironically, sex is uncommon in theory but the most common when it comes in practical. remember the class when you were taught about the reproductive system in school? what was your reaction when you found condoms in your parent room, you cannot even imagine your parents having sex.what did you do when you are watching tv with your family and suddenly the advertisement of condom pops up?

What Is Sex Education?:

Sex education is not only about how to do sex.  It is to  Know your body.

Improve Knowledge And Understanding:

Does sex education know about your body questions such as – Why are my periods painful? Do boys generally ask that if they don’t have sex now will it affect their manhood?

To Promote Self Awareness And Equitable Social Norms:

How would you feel when someone teases about your body appearance? Is a girl can tell a boy that she is attracted to her or what to go out with him .or it is the boys only to do this.

To Build Skills To Make And Follow Through On Choices:

If someone touches you in a bad way how would you know that? How to say no if someone touches you without your to ignore people whom you are uncomfortable with? how to make your own choices. It’s actually to prepare young people for a healthy sexual reproductive life. We all are shy to talk about sex, talking about sex is against the culture but we all know how important.

Why Do We Need Sex?:

Do you know about TAMPONS? STDs? Menstrual cups? How to use condoms? What are a GOOD touch and BAD touch?  Most of the girls come to know about the period when for the first time they saw blood coming out of their vagina? They got scared and the reaction of boys when for the first time they see nocturnal emission(wet dreams).

Sex education is important to know about what happens in your body what is the effect of it.

HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infection:

There are over 2.3 million people over 15 years with HIV infection. This is about 31% of the total population infected with AIDS/HIV, in India. There is very little awareness about safe sexual encounters and the consequence of having unprotected relations with multiple partners.

Only 45% of young men and 28% of young women seem to have comprehensive knowledge about HIV/AIDS and its prevention. Same is the knowledge about HIV/AIDS testing facilities with only 42% young men and 30% young women, among the 15-19-year-olds, ever having heard of resources to get such a health check-up

Such high-risk sexual vulnerability can be attempted to be avoided if schools adhere to the National AIDS Prevention and Control Policy 2002 which begs the need for AIDS prevention and protection of the rights of infected individuals through awareness and education.

Female Reproductive Health and Hygiene:

The sad reality of rural and a bit of urban India are underage marriages, with young girls even below 15 years of age being married off to older men. This brings about a disproportionate amount of high-risk pregnancies among adolescents with 62% of rural women mothering at least one kid when they have barely turned the corner from childhood themselves.

This is also the time when they undergo multiple births exposing themselves to a whole lot of adverse health issues. Maternal mortality is highest among 15-24-year-olds in the face of immature reproductive bodies and poor antenatal care.

Even worse is the knowledge of reproductive cycles leading to poor menstrual hygiene and reproductive tract infections.


We have denied talking about sex, feel shy from adolescence sexuality of ages. Its time to bring a change and take a challenge to overlook this issue. a small step towards is to start from your family, schools.

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