Coronavirus outbreak

The Reason of Coronavirus (Covid19) Outbreak? By Abhyudaya Mishra

If there was an epidemic, that definitely would make people accept vaccines. I wouldn’t hope for that, of course, but if you wanted people to love vaccines, an epidemic would remind them how magical they are.

Bill Gates


In the last week of 2019 when the whole world was waiting to welcome the new year 2020 many local hospitals in Wuhan china reported many unusual numbers of cases who had pneumonia without a clear cause and even they were not responding to any kind of vaccine administrated to them.

Soon after a seafood market in Wuhan region was linked to all these cases it was a whole seafood market which had many stalls selling fishes, bats, snake and rabbit these cases showed many human to human transmission rate which was further increasing as day progressed.

An initial hypothesis was formulated that this was a new type of coronavirus that evolved by the animal being sold in the seafood market. this resulted in the fear that it could be similar to the SARS epidemic of 2002-04 that killed 774 people but all these assumptions were wrong because this was something more serious and complicated by early January 2020 about 59 suspected cases were pricked up from all the local hospitals in Wuhan only.

Out of these 59 suspected cases, 49 were confirmed with the 2019 novel coronavirus infection here the isolation was too late and before the isolation created these cases has infected 100s of others that eventually infected thousands and thus this epidemic started what was started as a localized epidemic in the central china and spread to whole china in no time.

The situation became tenser when the infection transmitted in other countries by the international travelers the first case was reported in Vietnam after China and several cases were reported from Germany Thailand USA and dozen of new countries making it a global epidemic and the first death was caused on 9th January.

The declared this epidemic as a global health emergency on 30th January 2020. Most of the airlines canceled their flights to china after this. Us government banned the entry of any person who traveled to China in the last 15 days.

How this Epidemic Transmitted:

Since the first case of Covid 19 reported in china in late 2019 it has spread across the world. A coronavirus is a large group of viruses common in many species animals including humans. There have been only two coronaviruses that are known to be deadly, middle east respiratory syndrome(MERS) that cause severe respiratory problems.

Every 3rd out of 10 persons infected with MERS lost his life. And the other one is a severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and that has an average death rate of around 10% with older people being more vulnerable. Viruses can spread from human contacts, with animals. As per human to human transmission often it happens when an infected person is standing within 3 feet of the infected people.

There are plenty of ways in which this virus can spread it could be sneezing, handshakes, sexual intercourse and then there are habits washing our hands and not touching our face even the climate plays a very important role in determining how far and how fast this infection spreads. Scientists have summed up how far an infection can spread with a number its called R0 (r not), an no greater than one means it will grow and less than one indicates that outbreak will stop.

This number derived by scientists is based on a formula considering all the environmental and biological factors. An infection like measles has a high r0 value of 12-18 whereas ebola with r0 no of 1.5-2.5.considring the SARS when it first emerged it spread rapidly with higher r0 no with people only contagious once symptoms started showing and when people were informed about the symptoms people started coming to hospital earlier. People can themselves before infecting others.

The Current Situation Worldwide:

As per the report’s the total no of coronavirus cases as of now has reached more than 723000 and 33,960 people lost their lives and it’s worth mentioning here that more than 151,000 have recovered. Itlay reported 756 new coronavirus deaths on Sunday only that took the total no to 10,799.

Whereas in India even after the complete lockdown death toll rises to 29 and a total no of cases climbs to 1071 on Monday morning. Noida reportedly has most no of corona cases in Uttar Pradesh while Maharashtra has most no of cases in India that counts over 200. Especially in our country, even after the no of appeals of our prime minister and administration people aren’t following any guidelines of lockdown.

last Sunday PM Modi proposed a Janta curfew of 14 hours in our country that was termed as the beginning of ling battle and after which 21 days lockdown was announced by the prime minister in his address to the nation, as per many health care specialists the social distance is the only way to stop this epidemic which wasn’t taken seriously by many countries like USA and Italy and now situation is out of their control we have witnessed Italy’s prime minister in tears even today Donald trump in his one of press conference asserted that Washington doesn’t require any kind of lockdown to tackle this epidemic.

Conclusion and Expectation from Citizens:

Undoubtedly our government is not letting any stone unturned to fight this epidemic but it’s not possible to get out of it without the support of every individual its high time for us to understand that situation is tough for everyone we need to be more disciplined and patience, for the next few weeks we should also take the onus to help anyone who is in any kind of need be it providing food or clothes or anything.

All the guidelines and instructions given by the government and administration ought to be strictly followed else the situation will deteriorate in the upcoming days we have an example of Itlay in front of us we do lack healthcare facilities and infrastructure but this isn’t the right time to discuss all this.

Government has already taken no of precautionary measures to control the coronavirus to cause the maximum damage, a no of relief funds has been released by the government many industrialists have come forward to help in any possible way but the onus is now on us, we can prove our patriotism by nothing but staying inside the home and following the social distancing.

“Man survives earthquakes, epidemics, the horrors of disease, and all the agonies of the soul, but for all time his tormenting tragedy is, and will be, the tragedy of the bedroom.” 

– Leo Tolstoy

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