Importance of Internship for Law Student: Aishwarya Katkar

In order to gain proper knowledge of the law, one must have practical knowledge of the procedures. It’s true that theoretical knowledge is important but just theory is not enough important is to know where the actual section must be applied. And for such knowledge, one must have the practical lookout towards the case, since each case is different and has a different solution, without practical knowledge and pressure no person can fulfil the responsibilities as an advocate or a lawyer. Theoretical knowledge only includes statutes, articles, sections, provisos and case laws. Basically, it’s just understanding authoritative principles, analysing burning judgements and upholding set conventions. Whether the court or corporate both have equal importance of an internship.

Theoretical knowledge only develops the knowledge of law whereas, practical knowledge gives the exposure to various people, situations and work. This exposure may also help you to grow as a person. It also gives clarity of various laws which we study at our law school, laws which are been repealed or amended. It gives enough opportunity to know the real side of the society- the darker side which is often left untouched by the bookish knowledge and so it is necessary to do the internship first before entering into actual job responsibilities. It helps for better understanding of various laws that you might have not gone through and gives you the immense knowledge of that particular law without any misconception involved.

The most important reason to join an internship is that you get the clarity of, under which field you want to practice at and you can choose accordingly. Wherever your internship places you, whether in a courtroom, in front of clients, or has you behind a desk in an office, you’ll see how lawyers conduct themselves. Observing how lawyers treat their clients, support staff, their fellow lawyers, court personnel, and judges will help prepare you to begin your career. It creates mannerism and professionalism in you and more punctuates about things. It also builds a good resume and helps you to get a better job in the corporate field.

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