June 18, 2018


Internship at Lex Assisto

We offer internship programme ranging up to 30 days in the month of June and July in Summer Breaks and January in Winter Break. Interns are cordially welcomed to work internally and in terms of pro bono activisim for the society.

A great internship can be itself be done by a simple step in the right direction. Our interns passes through a very exacting tasks because the key attached to the internship program is combination of the interns within the organisation from day one of the internship so that they are exposed to work with the practical aspects of law within the society.

All the interns are moreover expected to work as a team and learn other soft skills necessary as well for there future career. We give a platform and position to all our interns to grow up, make a step and think more for the people who deserves a chance to get justice.


All the law Student from Recognised Institution/ College/ Universities can apply for the 1 Month Internship Program, 2019.

Internship Duration: 

  • 03rd Jan, 2019 – 31st Jan, 2019

Internship Programme:

  • Legal Research on delegated topic

  • Legal Articles/ Blog (Will be Published on the Lex Assisto’s website)

  • Legal Drafting on Different Legal Matters

  • Doing Survey & Interview

  • Project Submission

Last date to apply for Internship: 

The last date to apply for the month of Jan, 2019 will be 25th Dec, 2018.


Students need to apply with CV to lexassisto@gmail.com along with their contact details.