Gender Discrimination & Men’s Right: AISHWARYA PRAKASH KATKAR

By looking at the title you might feel what is new in the topic or how is it related? But I think after reading this article your perception towards gender discrimination will change. It is seen a lot when it comes to gender discrimination people, suddenly starts talking about women, their rights, their safety and their privileges, but what about men? What about their rights and privileges? Don’t they come under the definition of gender? Gender is the term which is broadly used to denote men and women collectively and not only for one of them. Well, lots of people have misconception about gender equality or gender discrimination. People often think that since its “gender equality” it is fight against men. But in reality it is fight against the traditions and attitudes that, have shackled them and their thought process, it is fight against the system which is different for men and women. The society must accept the fact that men and women are equal partners in life and have their own identity.

Our constitution grants women reservations in various field such as education and election. No doubt it is important but, we must also understand, one thing that giving reservation itself creates the discrimination. Discrimination against the one who is more talented and deserving regardless their gender. As mentioned above, gender equality is fight against social backward thought and not against men. Our laws must be changed according to the circumstances, for example earlier there used to be the practice called sati system in Hindus, in which female immolate herself since her husband is dead and no other men should touch her but later due to change in our legal system it was prohibited. It is to be seen that, this law was created in the good faith of women and yet it didn’t mentioned any reservation.

Back in our history, it’s true that, women had less importance and were treated as a threat, but today our constitution and laws are so in favour of women that it became threat for the male citizens. The question you might have is how this statement is valid? It is very shocking to know, according to the report received from British Crime Survey shows that more than 40% of men are victims of domestic violence. The report also says that, men assaulted by their partners are often ignored by police and are accused of false complaints such as rape, dowry, and dowry death etc. Supreme Court of India has found that women are filing false cases under the law IPC 498A and it is ruining the marriages. So why don’t we hear about them? Some of them are afraid that no one will believe them, some of them have ego and others decide to not make it a big deal. But what they don’t understand is they might get justice and open the door to those men who are suffering from the same. Recently, Supreme Court on October, 2016 laid down the judgement that, if the wife refused to share their home with her in laws the husband gets the right to divorce on the ground of cruelty.

Lastly I would like to conclude that, when our outlook will change towards gender, the discrimination will automatically stop. Each victim should be seen as an individual and helped accordingly.

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