E-Research Paper Presentation @ A.C. Tiwari & Associates: Registration Open

The main purpose of this event is to boost up the confidence of the students who have stage fear or the ones who lack confidence.
This event requires filming of a video presenting the research paper and mail it to us.

The event involves three stages:
• Abstract submission
• Research paper submission
• Presentation of the paper via video

1. Green Criminology
2. Cyber Crime in India: Are women a soft target?
3. Trade Secret: Limited Approach to Traditional Knowledge
4. Human Rights in Modern Era and their effect on the smooth running of a legal system
5. Mercy killing: is “right to die” justifiable?

Note: the above themes are open to interpretations and sub-themes


The final copy of the research paper is to be submitted in a .doc/.docx form, to the following email address: eresearchpaper19@gmail.com, with subject research paper submission by 22 JUNE 2019.
2. A cover letter mentioning the title of the paper and the relevant sub-theme. Name of the authors, course, year of
study (if applicable), name of college/university (if applicable), professional position with postal address (if applicable), email and contact number. Apart from the cover letter, there should not be anywhere mentioned regarding the details of the authors. The file must contain the name of the author.
3. Registration form– all the participants are required to fill the registration form after the payment has been made.
4. The research paper should be original, unpublished and without grammatical, spelling and other errors.
5. Any uniform method for citation may be followed.
6. The body of the paper shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes should be in Times
New Roman, size 10 single line spacing.
7. A margin of 4 centimeters shall be left on all sides of the paper. Page borders, headers, footers shall be used.
The paper shall be in MS Word format, word limit subject to relaxation between 2500-3500 words.

1. The presentation should be done in the form of a video filmed by the participants in MP4 form.
2. The presentation is limited to 8 minutes per presentation.

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