Reservation in Promotions

India which is still a developing country and moreover, due to many reasons it doesn’t seem to be developed even in the future coming years. In addition to this crisis, now the Supreme Court has allowed Union government to go ahead with reservation in promotion for employees belonging to the SC and ST category in Read more about Reservation in Promotions[…]

Dilution of SC & ST

Dilusion of SC & ST

“The taste of anything can be changed. But poison cannot be changed into nectar.” – BR Ambedkar Caste has been a permanent speed-breaker in the progress of our country, and 29 years after a law to protect the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes from atrocities came into existence, the Supreme Court diluted one of its Read more about Dilusion of SC & ST[…]


SECTION 377. “HOMOSEXUALITY”- Ms. Vrushali Marchande

Because it is not “common” does not mean it should be condemned. India is a developing country and progressive laws will boost the growth and development. There has been a huge uproar throughout the country with people supporting the striking down of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC). The people who have Read more about SECTION 377. “HOMOSEXUALITY”- Ms. Vrushali Marchande[…]

inhumanity behind the bars

Inhumanity behind the Bars: Mr. Pranav Kaushal

“In our world, prisons are still laboratories of torture, warehouses in which human commodities are sadistically kept and where spectrums of inmates range from drift wood juveniles to heroic dissenters” –Justice V. R Krishna Iyer. The constitution of each and every country talks about the word “Human Dignity”. Does this word does not suits on Read more about Inhumanity behind the Bars: Mr. Pranav Kaushal[…]

mens right lex assisto

Violence Against Men: Mr. Dishant

Studies of social approach show that violence is considered as less or more serious on the basis of gender of the victim and the culprit. According to a study in the offensive behavior of the publication, despite the gender of the attackers, violence against women was likely to be reported by the third party to Read more about Violence Against Men: Mr. Dishant[…]

decriminalization of narcotics

Decriminalization on Narcotic Drugs: Ms. Aishwarya Katkar

Introduction: Narcotics are those drug, which by consuming it makes oneself sleepy and stop feeling the pain (emotional and mental), such as painkiller, sleeping pills, anaesthesia, etc. these narcotic drugs are used by doctors. However, narcotic drugs like marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, benzodiazepines, methadone, amphetamines, cocaine, and methamphetamine and crack cocaine are considered as most dangerous drug all over the world Read more about Decriminalization on Narcotic Drugs: Ms. Aishwarya Katkar[…]

Reservation Policy

The change needed in regard to Reservation Policy?: Ms. Vartika Singh

At whatever point the subject of reservation shows up we Indians are at outrageous. The individuals who advocate the idea of reservation essentially discusses presence of disparity in our general public and how reservation can check that. It has dependably been contended that if unequal are dealt with at standard with breaks even with then Read more about The change needed in regard to Reservation Policy?: Ms. Vartika Singh[…]

Martial Rape

Martial Rape in India: Ms. Ishita Bagga Juneja

The idea of the sacrosanct; institution of marriage dished out by the mainstream Indian cinema is a myth and is contrary to women perceptions of reality. Though marital rape is the most common and repugnant form of masochism in Indian society, it is hidden behind the iron curtain of marriage. Rape is rape. The law Read more about Martial Rape in India: Ms. Ishita Bagga Juneja[…]


Civil Disobedience: Ms. Shreya Kalyani

Civil Disobedience is an act of protest against the unjust laws of a government. It is a symbolic violation of the law rather than a rejection of the system as a whole. It is a non-violent way to address the unjust state of affairs. Long back ago, Gandhi adopted the term Civil Disobedience to describe Read more about Civil Disobedience: Ms. Shreya Kalyani[…]

Aircraft Accidents

Aircraft Accidents: Ms. Aishwarya Priyadarshini

AIRCRAFT ACCIDENTS Traveling is life, it makes people healthy. People explore the world, visit new places and create memories. Everyone is eager to explore new things but no one knows about the future action. An accident is common in life. Nobody can assure about future. So, it is quite important for people to be always Read more about Aircraft Accidents: Ms. Aishwarya Priyadarshini[…]