June 18, 2018

Campus Associate


Campus Associate: Lex Assisto


Lex Assisto is a professionally managed FULL CIRCLE LAW HELPLINE. It is managed by a very highly talented, dedicated and upright Professional Team of Lawyers and Law Students. Lex Assisto is covered with Reputed Lawyers and leading Law Firms across all major cities in India. With a vision to provide Pro Bono activism in all the parts of Indian society.


1st National E-Memorandum Writing Competition, 2018

Lex Assisto in association with Advocling.com presents 1st National E-Memorandum Writing Competition, 2018.

Today in India men’s have been trying so hard for years after years, and no one has heard them. Whenever they speak out, they are immediately sought after and shut down by those who do not believe men have the rights to speak about their rights as that of women’s have.

Men are HUMAN BEINGS too. Their life has to be valued and their stories need to be heard, the misconception that men are sexist intolerant, full of hatred towards women, ought to be replaced with more positivism and open mind.

There are so many issues which are not highlighted in the print media and media trails. Men’s issue does not get the attention because in India society has already created start emphasizing more on women that they forget about men who are human beings too.

The competition will indeed be an ideal platform to bring together some of the most creative and intellectual young minds from leading law schools around the globe to participate and witness their mastery on research skills to be adjudged by a panel of experts.


The Campus Associate Program is an initiative by Lex Assisto to incorporate entrepreneurial spirit in every student. The campus associate program is one of our initiatives to bring all of student community together and work for a social change with their creative ideas and thoughts across India. It consists of various other benefits that shall come through in course of the membership of Lex Assisto.


  1. The CA shall represent Lex Assisto at his/her respective college.

  2. Each CA shall form a group comprising of 05 to 10 students in order to execute the given responsibilities.

  3. Each CA shall promote Lex Assisto in order to increase maximum knowledge and connectivity among different College/ Institution/ University.

  4. Each CA shall, at the end of every month, send an email listing the details of the academic, socio-cultural activities and legal workshops at their college campus that, if approved, will be published on the website of Lex Assisto.

  5. Each member shall encourage students to submit articles, summary of case laws, comments on new & emerging laws within the dimensions of the legal field, or any suggestions in form of articles and newsletter for the amendment and reformations in existing laws.

  6. Each CA shall undertake any step for the welfare and in the larger interest of society within the framework of policy of Lex Assisto.


  1. The CA shall devote minimum 8-10 hours a week to execute the allotted tasks.

  2. The CA shall be a person having excellent inter-personal and communication skills.

  3. The CA must have Good Knowledge of MS Office & MS Excel.

  4. The CA shall publicize Lex Assisto’s event and campaigns through posters over the college’s notice board, social media channels, community establishments and public places. For example, college’s notice board, hostel notice board, hostel mess, public parks, etc.

  5. The CA shall prepare a team of digital and field volunteers in his/her respective campus.

  6. The CA shall promote Lex Assisto campaigns during college events or festivals.


Any Student pursuing any UG/PG course from a recognized Institution / College / University is eligible for the application.


Send an email with your CV and cover letter at lexassisto@gmail.com with the subject line: “Application for Campus Ambassador Program” and cc: joybanerjee743@gmail.com.


  1. The CA may get an opportunity to participate in networking events.

  2. The CA may get an opportunity to contribute and implement your ideas for the change in Lex Assisto.

  3. Get discounts for the Courses advertised by Lex Assisto.

  4. Internship Opportunities at Partnered Law Firms.

  5. The Campus Associates shall get Certificate of Experience.

  6. Campus Associates shall get Letter of Recommendation.

  7. Campus Associates may get different Service Vouchers/ Gift Hampers. (As per the performance).


Mr. Jyotirmoy Banerjee

Lex Assisto

Founder & CEO

+91 8504951904